Specialty drugs can be life-changing for a patient diagnosed with a complex disease. The right specialty drug prescribed to the right patient in the right setting at the right time can allow that patient to live more independently.

At Specialty Therapeutic Care (STC), we recognize that pharmaceutical manufacturers are making it possible for patients to experience better health outcomes, and their investmentin the research and development of future specialty drugs allows more patients with complex diseases to achieve better outcomes and manage their health with greater ease.

We work closely with pharmaceutical manufacturers to help patients get their medication and manage their conditions. Our clinical teams educate patients on their medication and support patient adherence to their drug protocols. We also provide clinical trial management that coordinates getting patients the treatments that can help them.   

Our clinical experience and expertise, patient-centered focus, and partnership with pharmaceutical manufacturers is changing lives and ensuring that patients have access to the medication that they need to thrive.

Specialty Therapeutic Care provides the following services for our pharmaceutical industry partners:

  • Patient copay assistance programs/reimbursement assistance program management
  • Facilitation of manufacturer-sponsored, patient-focused disease education and management
  • Data collection programs
  • Clinical Trial management
  • HUB services
  • Preplanning, support and account management
  • Physician sales network
  • Strategic consulting
  • Real-time data analysis and reporting