Healthcare Specialists

At Specialty Therapeutic Care (STC), we want to make a measurable difference in our patients’ health outcomes. We are a trusted resource for patients, helping them use their specialty pharmacy benefit most effectively and helping them understand how they can be an active participant in achieving their best health.

We partner with healthcare specialists and become part of the patient team, enhancing communication throughout the patient’s treatment plan. We simplify specialty pharmacy and remove barriers to quality care by bridging the management of pharmacy and medical benefits so healthcare providers have a complete picture of the patient. Our systems streamline prescribing with a preauthorization process that efficiently works in tandem with the physician’s preferred software.

We look forward to working together with our physician partners to provide cost-effective solutions that drive best health outcomes for all of our patients. 

Specialty Therapeutic Care services for Healthcare Specialists include:

  • Protocol-driven patient clinical support programs that support the patient’s care
  • Comprehensive patient education including IV and injectable drug therapy training
  • Web-based collaboration
  • Coordination of nursing services
  • Field support staff organized by region
  • Inside account management team to facilitate your needs
  • Real-time patient specific data
  • Comprehensive benefit investigation
  • Prior authorization support
  • Free express delivery to patient, physician office, or alternative site of care
  • Access to manufacturer patient copay assistance programs
  • Drug recall alert programs
  • Comprehensive enrollment forms that minimize pharmacy callbacks